25 expert tips for better MMS marketing

Find out how to boost your MMS marketing results with these 25 actionable expert tips

Cut-through with MMS marketing

Great storytelling relies on the idea ‘show, don’t tell.’ Adding images, videos, audio or GIFs to your marketing messages offers a powerful oomph for your campaigns. Aspirational, compelling and easy-to-comprehend, multimedia content is viable and valuable.

Once considered a nice extra, multimedia is now crucial in driving engagement. Our clients have achieved click-through rates as high as 11% and opt-out rates as low as 0.1% using our MMS platform.

An MMS is a visual version of an SMS, but their differences are vast. While SMS messages are most useful for short communication, MMS can deliver discounts and coupons, images of new or sale stock, videos of your product in action and help guides. They’re also an effective solution for QR codes, tickets, maps, and other dynamic content.

We’ve gathered 25 expert tips to help you master your MMS marketing.

25 actionable MMS tips

  1. Include an opt-out: there’s no wiggle room on this one – an opt-out is mandatory.
  2. Identify yourself: if your campaign doesn’t come from a recognisable virtual mobile number – ID yourself in either the Sender ID or within the body of your text message.
  3. Add personalisation: connect with and appeal to your customers by using their name. Manage this easily with our bulk MMS software.
  4. Scribe a powerful subject line: you’ve only got seconds to convince someone to open your MMS message, craft your subject line carefully. Powerful, emotive words like sale, discount, bonus, limited, special, new, extra and free go a long way.
  5. Test your subject line: put your attention-grabbing line to the test. See where you can make improvements with a free tool like subjectline.com. Although Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is for emails, it’s still useful for clarity, sentiment and word count.
  6. Don’t use text lingo: keep MMS messages sharp and to the point. Remember – while slang or ‘text lingo’ saves space, it can be confusing and unprofessional. Stay tone consistent and on-brand.
  7. Avoid using all caps: capital letters read as rude and are more difficult to read.
  8. Use numbers or statistics: in your subject line or body copy, numbers and statistics attract attention, show authority and let your reader know what to expect.
  9. Create curiosity: teasers, like ‘get more information,’ spark interest. This useful tool is known as a ‘curiosity gap.’ Invite some intrigue with your subject line, multimedia and body copy to encourage click-throughs.
  10. Offer value: when someone gives you their phone number, don’t take this act of trust for granted. Every message you send should be valuable, and the best value is an exclusive offer.
  11. Play on urgency: a tried and tested way to boost sales is to make people feel they might miss out. Create urgency by using end dates for discounts, flash sales, and limited stock or tickets.
  12. Stick to one CTA: tell your customer exactly what you want them to do and make it easy. Stick to a single, strong CTA for each campaign.
  13. Time your campaigns well: no one wants a midnight marketing message. Think about your customer’s day and review your analytics to send campaigns at an optimal time.
  14. Celebrate special days: don’t limit special offers to big holidays. Tailor your marketing messages and stand out with quirky offers for Pizza Day, International Day of Happiness or International Day of Yoga. Plan out your marketing calendar with these tips.
  15. Experiment with emojis: they can help add character, set the tone or incorporate branding. Have fun and see how your audience responds, but stick to business-relevant emojis.
  16. Keep it concise: MMS messages have a 1,000-character limit. In a world of short attention spans, keep your message snappy, sharp, and under 320 characters.
  17. Reduce your file size: customers quickly lose interest in slow-loading content. Keep your video, image, or GIF files under 450KB.
  18. Shorten your links: long URLs look messy and take up valuable space. Shorten your links and track click-throughs with our easy Tracked Links feature. For even better brand recognition, our MMS platform offers branded tracked links.
  19. Include a UTM parameter for your links: These are tags added to a URL, so you can track where your website visitors come from. Google has a free campaign URL builder to help create UTM parameters and see which of your MMS campaigns perform the best.
  20. Test on different devices: Android and iOS devices have different display settings, so check your campaign on both before it goes live. Ensure text is legible, multimedia is displayed correctly, and all links work.
  21. Try different image ratios: images or GIFs may appear differently in preview mode or be best suited to a particular size. 480px by 480px or 640px by 640px is best, but you can also try 480 x 640 px, 480 x 720 px, 640px by 1138px or 1080px by 1920px.
  22. A/B test your campaigns: A/B or split testing sends two different versions of your campaign to see which converts better. Test different times, subject lines and multimedia files.
  23. Clean up your marketing list: keep your MMS contact list clean. An efficient campaign means you don’t pay for messages that bounce. Our bulk MMS software can remove hard bounces with one click.
  24. Segment your list: this is a powerful way to target active customers, increase engagement and send messages directly to those most likely to act.
  25. Optimise your landing page: don’t lose leads once they click through. Ensure any links used in your MMS campaigns are mobile optimised. Your landing page needs to adjust to different devices so it loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

Make an impact with MMS

Our top tips for MMS marketing are simple to implement and will significantly impact your campaign. If you come across other suggestions on supercharging your MMS marketing – share away.

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