Captivate your customers with conversational SMS

Learn how conversational SMS helps build a personal connection with your customers. Use automation to make text messaging more empathetic.

In our digitally-driven world, people are looking for ways to scale more personal connections. This makes conversational SMS one of the most efficient and effective tools to use when engaging with your clients.

The benefits of conversational SMS

Bulk messaging allows you to implement an immediate communication channel, through a connection with your clients, by delivering content that is:

  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Personalised


The importance of sending messages at the right time can’t be underestimated. In fact, hitting the ‘Send’ button at the wrong time can damage your brand. During the night is definitely inappropriate and dramatically reduces your message’s effectiveness. Pay close attention to the different time zones, and when daylight savings occurs.


People are busy and have short attention spans. Messages bombard customers via social media and email. Clients want to know you’re aware of the important issues in their lives right now. Discover what problems they have, then offer a solution.


The key to creating engaging messaging is to research your target audience. What are their interests? What does the world look like through their eyes? It’s crucial to understand who you’re talking to before formulating content.


Customers desire personalised service. They want your individual attention. Give them the sense you’ve written a message especially for them through the use of custom variables. Try to always use the person’s name in the text, especially the first message in your sequence. The ultimate aim is to encourage your audience to build a more human connection with your business, and to create a unique customer experience by doing so.

Personalisation techniques

Remember that texting is a two-way conversation, so the focus is on crafting a message that comes across as personal. Here are a couple of tips to achieve this:

  1. Contractions in your writing: For example, ‘Hi Melanie, it’s Sarah from the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Quickly checking in to see if you’d like to be part of our annual fundraiser again this year?’
  2. Everyday language: For example, ‘Hey Thomas, thanks for choosing our studio. Your first free month starts now, enjoy!’
  3. Emojis: Add colour, meaning, and emotion to your text. Liven up your SMS marketing campaign with a small icon or pictograph and add personality to your message. This can be daunting as there are over 5,000+ emojis.

Conversational SMS and Automated SMS Marketing

Nurture relationships through SMS automation with your existing customer base. Consider using the following out-of-the-box tools to build a stronger human connection: SMS Keywords, Customer Segmentation, and Automated Support.

  • SMS Keywords enable you to create a keyword strategy customers can respond to. The type of keyword they opt-in gives you valuable information about their interests.
  • Customer Segmentation results in higher click-through rates because most text messages are under 160 characters and have a 98% open rate.
  • Automated Support is comparable to chatbots on other messaging platforms making it possible to send an auto-reply with your store hours, store location and address or a promo description. Connect your support system with Sendsei through a selection of direct integrations or quick-start Zapier apps. Current readily available integration options include Freshdesk, Intercom, and Zendesk.

Final Thoughts

Conversational SMS is a powerful marketing tool with the unique advantage of connecting with your clients on a more personal level. Why not add this to your SMS marketing and create a better customer experience?

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