How to improve your eCommerce MMS marketing in 2021

MMS marketing will be vital for eCommerce in 2021. To make it easy to plan, we’ve collected 11 ideas to improve your eCommerce MMS marketing.

MMS marketing is an eCommerce must

MMS marketing for eCommerce will play a significant role in the year ahead. No one could have predicted 2020, but when it comes to 2021, the continued growth of eCommerce is undeniable. MMS marketing is now critical for online businesses.

Online shopping has been expanding rapidly, with a year-on-year growth of 23%, and 2021 sales projected to reach $4.5 trillion.

Using our MMS platform, our clients have achieved click-through rates as high as 11% and opt-out rates as low as 0.1% – and for a good reason.

An MMS is a visual version of an SMS, giving you access to dynamic content. Using images, videos, audio, or GIFs gives your campaigns edge; making compelling multimedia content viable and valuable for eCommerce MMS marketing.

Use these templates together with our bulk MMS software to plan your marketing for the year ahead.

11 ideas for better eCommerce MMS marketing

Idea 1: Target members and VIPs

Make your customer feel appreciated and encourage repeat purchases by inviting them to join a loyalty program. Personalise and integrate this with our bulk MMS software.

MMS Example (iOS):


Idea 2: Cross-sell and upsell

Target your customers with special offers or higher ticket items based on what they’ve purchased. Use personalisation to show them the value of products you know they’ll love.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 3: Use seasonal campaigns

Give your customers a reason to pick you when purchasing their Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts. Offer them a special discount, free shipping, or bonus with purchase.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 4: Create special day campaigns

Why limit marketing to the big holidays? Target customers with special offers for days like International Day of Happiness, Read a Book Day, or Pizza Day? Check this calendar for inspiration.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 5: Hype your product launch

Create excitement and urgency around the launch of a new product. Offer select customers early access, with the bonus of building loyalty.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 6: Benefit from flash sales

Overstocked or want to move items in a hurry? You can’t go past a flash sale.

MMS Example (iOS):


Idea 7: Collect customer reviews and feedback

Feedback is an essential step in the eCommerce journey. Give your customers a chance to rate and review their experience and satisfaction levels.

MMS Example (iOS):


Idea 8: Recover abandoned carts

A compelling message sent through our MMS platform gives customers a gentle nudge after they abandon their cart. Include a link; make it easy for them to complete the purchase.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 9: Create value with subscription programs

Do you sell a product that’s also available as a subscription? (think coffee, cookies or skincare). When someone buys a single item, use bulk MMS campaigns to remind them of the benefits of a subscription.

MMS Example (Android):


Idea 10: Say thank you

Customers love a personal touch after they’ve placed an order. Send them a thank you message, so they feel appreciated.

MMS Example (iOS):


Idea 11: Provide delivery updates

Keep your customer updated through every shipping step, from order to delivery confirmation.

MMS Example (iOS):


Make 2021 the year you master MMS

Using these ideas, it won’t take long to put your 2021 MMS marketing plan into place. Be sure to slip a few power words into your campaigns, and let us know if you have any other big ideas.

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